Posted on December 13, 2019 by Wendy Frost

Viewing life as an adventure Julieta Nelson has been on an extraordinary journey during her time in the UTSA College of Business. She graduates this month with a bachelor’s degree in finance and a new career as a consulting analyst in New York City with Accenture, a global Fortune 500 company.

Julieta Nelson“I am so grateful for the opportunity to explore the incredible abundance of programs, resources and experiences,” said Nelson, a San Antonio native. She credits the Center for Student Professional Development, Julio Ramos, Leticia Garcia, Erica Clark and other mentors and colleagues who helped her to grow both personally and professionally.

Making the most of her time at UTSA, she completed two externships with EY and Harland Clarke as well as two internships with USAA and Accenture. Along the way, she gained vital real-world knowledge in finance from Ron Sweet and Lalatendu Misra. Additionally, Kevin Martin’s project management courses inspired her to dream big.

“Don’t be afraid to take risks. Go for it. Then analyze your outcomes to teach yourself how to maximize your strengths and manage your weaknesses,” recommends Nelson, who is a Distinguished Business Student. “Throughout my time at UTSA, I’ve tried to push myself to attempt challenging goals even when doing so is scary or uncomfortable.”

Nelson is particularly passionate about how beneficial it was for her to attend conferences like the Texas Conference for Women. “These conferences enable students to meet with senior managers of top companies in a relaxed, unfiltered environment. And, these managers have the power to directly influence which students are chosen for internships and job interviews.”

Nelson was an officer of Delta Sigma Pi, a professional business fraternity, a member of the Investment Society, and participated in the college’s international immersion program to India and the East Asia Institute’s immersion to China.

She credits her international and professional experiences, especially the India immersion, with helping her land her Accenture internship.

“Accenture has a huge presence in India,” said Nelson. “I was able to talk about my experiences there and my passion for international business during the interview process.”

Following a trip to Costa Rica in January with the Investment Society, Nelson will begin work with Accenture in May as part of the Consulting Analyst Development Program.

“I’ll be part of a rotational program and will have the opportunity to interact with different clients and industries,” said Nelson. “My strength lies in my passion for understanding and linking the strategic big picture of how organizations function with the key tactical factors to produce competitive advantage.”

Nelson is excited to begin her career with Accenture in New York City. “I wanted to try something new. With Accenture, I have unlimited growth potential and an opportunity for travel. When I started at UTSA I never dreamed starting my career with a company like Accenture would be a possibility.”

“I’m so grateful for the professors, classes, organizations and valuable experiences that I’ve had at UTSA.”

— Wendy Frost