Leverage the expertise and intellectual capital of faculty in the Carlos Alvarez College of Business through the Data Analytics Center.

Find out how our data solutions can help academics accelerate the research process or help industry partners unlock the power of data with high-end data science, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to support decision-making.

Our Capabilities

  • Access to advanced data exploration and visualization tools
  • Application development for near real-time access and decision-making
  • Curated data sets and layered metrics for valuable data insights
  • State-of-the-art technology and encryption security for secure data acquisition, storage and curation
  • Develop scalable high-end analytics, data science and AI solutions

UTSA-affiliated researchers can access available resources through our secure web portal.

Data Sets Available

Business Transcripts

  • Conference call transcripts for publicly-traded companies (United States)
  • Comprehensive data set for feature presentation
  • Personality/behavioral features available for some speakers (e.g., CEOs)
  • Comprehensive metadata available (firm and speaker levels)


  • Acquired with subscription
  • Board Member Network Database

Financial Analyst Records

  • ~1946 – 2017
  • SEC/FINRA style data replication
  • Exams, certification, registration history, disclosure events

Political Contributions

  • Contributor, recipient, date

SAN Internet Storm Center

  • Replication + derived features

SEC Filings

  • ~1994 – Present
  • Full replication and feature parsing ongoing
  • Largest data set (size, records, and features)

Stock Market Data

  • Minute interval for ~4,000 tickers
  • Close, open, high, low, volume

Stock Twits

  • Twitter for day traders
  • Comments & metadata


  • Script level data for ~2k movies
  • Actor/(Character) line level
  • Metadata (writers, genre, title, etc.)
  • Financial data (exceeds ~2k script presence)
  • Domestic and foreign
  • Metric aggregate varieties


  • Comments
  • Thread metadata
  • Author metadata
  • Flair/tag metadata
  • Discussion hierarchy preservation
  • On-request/on-demand


  • ~2003-Present
  • Similar as Reddit data with respect to feature types


  • Lyrical data for ~ 800,000 songs
  • Metadata (artist, album, title)
  • Basic text features (e.g. – ngrams)

Other helper data sets

  • Wordnet – text features
  • Census -name, gender and birthdate
  • IPGeo – IP geolocation data)
  • Surname origin

Data Analytics Center Location and Office Hours

Business Building, Room 1.01.14
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249

Office Hours: Monday – Friday | 8 a.m. – noon and 1 – 5 p.m. or by appointment