Posted on April 4, 2017 by Joanna Carver

Luke Scamardo In recognition of his entrepreneurial spirit, Luke Scamardo was awarded the Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship.

The scholarship, which recognizes future business leaders, is awarded annually to top business students at Texas business schools.

Scamardo received the scholarship at their annual induction dinner which honors Texas business leaders as well as scholarship recipients.

“In addition to the financial reward, the networking experience was invaluable,” said Scamardo, an MBA student who will graduate this summer. “Members invested time meeting and interacting with young entrepreneurs like myself. It was a great experience.”

Following in the footsteps of family members who were entrepreneurs, Scamardo is the founder and president of Scamardo Financial LLC, an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm.

“A strong work ethic and the ability to be resilient are absolute requirements for success as an entrepreneur,” said Scamardo, a Certified Financial Planner.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in economics at UT-Austin, Scamardo worked at a brokerage firm before starting his own company. He decided to diversify his technical expertise by pursuing an MBA during the evenings.

“What is great about the MBA program is that I’ve learned about other areas such as negotiation, marketing, leadership and management strategy,” he said. “Some of those skills are already paying dividends for my career.”

But, Scamardo noted that he favors his finance classes and enjoyed working with faculty members Palani-Rajan Kadapakkam and Keith Fairchild .

His long-term vision for his company is to expand and have permanent offices throughout the state of Texas. “My studies at UTSA have given me the skills to plan the expansion and succeed as a high-level manager,” he said.

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