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Colton Barton receiving his award Epitomizing the ideal business student, Colton Barton was named the Most Outstanding Undergraduate in the UTSA College of Business during the University Life Awards.

“It was very surreal to be recognized with this award,” said Barton, who is double majoring in marketing and sport, event and tourism management. “This will definitely be an honor that I’ll be proud to place and keep on my résumé.”

Calling Barton a high achiever might be an understatement. Since joining UTSA, he has participated in three internships with Fortune 200 companies, completed two international experiences and has excelled academically.

Barton interned with the Walt Disney World College Program his freshman year. There, he discovered his passion for marketing, honed his customer service skills and learned the dynamics of business. He followed up that experience by completing an operations internship with the Éilan Hotel & Spa. And, last fall he was one of 114 applicants chosen from a field of 10,000 to intern with Southwest Airlines at their headquarters in Dallas.

Working in corporate sales, he was responsible for analyzing customer’s needs, preparing reports and relationship building. “I learned a lot about sales and the airline industry,” he said.

Barton credits the Career Action Program (CAP) with giving him the skills and the confidence to succeed professionally. “The CAP program is the best thing I’ve done in the College of Business,” said Barton, who is currently interning with the college’s Office of International Business Programs. “CAP gave me the tools that I needed to learn how to create my résumé, interview and network professionally.”

In addition to his professional experiences, Barton is also active with the college’s Global Business Club and international programs. He completed an independent study abroad program with American International University in 2015 and traveled with the College of Business to Spain in 2016.

He will travel this summer to Italy to participate in the European Innovation Academy, a three week international entrepreneurship competition where students will take classes, develop a product and pitch to investors. Barton’s participation is sponsored by the college’s Center for Student Professional Development.

“By participating in international immersions I’ve expanded my business network and have had amazing cultural experiences,” said Barton. “I’m excited that through my current internship I’m able to help market these opportunities to other business students.”

Always willing to help fellow business students, Barton has used the professional connections that he has built to help other students throughout their internship search.

“I think the best advice I can give business students is to get involved in activities and experiences early in their college careers,” he said. “Ask a lot of questions and see what is out there. Every experience helps and can lead to new opportunities.”

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