Posted on May 4, 2024 by Rebekah Alegria

As the spring air fills UTSA’s campus, a sense of accomplishment and anticipation permeates among the graduating class of spring 2024. Among these soon-to-be graduates is Maren Wilms, who will graduate with her Master of Arts in Economics. Her remarkable journey at the Carlos Alvarez College of Business exemplifies academic excellence and athletic prowess.
Maren Wilms, M.A. Economics '24

Maren Wilms, M.A. Economics '24

Traveling from Melsbach, Germany, Maren Wilms embarked on her UTSA journey in 2019 after obtaining a track scholarship. Obtaining a solid foundation in psychology and marketing, she completed her undergraduate degree at UTSA with a perfect 4.0 GPA. Opting to advance her education further, she entered the college’s economics program to integrate her two worlds—data and psychology—to better understand market behaviors for her future career.  

"The M.A. in Economics program, especially with the forecasting concentration, was a great way to obtain more quantitative skills that I can use together with the qualitative skills I got from my undergraduate degree," Wilms articulates. 

A dedicated member and captain of the UTSA track team, she found her second family among her teammates. Her commitment culminated in a proud moment in the summer of 2022 when she clinched second place in the heptathlon at a conference meet. "Those moments on the track, pushing your limits, they teach you resilience. They mirror the challenges you face academically," Maren says, drawing parallels between her dual passions. 

As her time at UTSA draws to a close, Wilms looks forward to returning to Germany, equipped with a robust education and a global perspective. She aims to enter the field of marketing research or customer insights, where she can apply her comprehensive skills to influence international markets.  

"My education at UTSA has equipped me with a dual lens of data analytics and consumer psychology. These tools will be instrumental in navigating the complex landscapes of global trades,” she said. 

As she reflects on her collegiate years, Wilms does not hesitate to express her gratitude toward those who have shaped her university experience. "I’d like to say a big thank you to the professors I had during my time at UTSA and my coaches. They were part of the reasons that made my time at UTSA so memorable," she says.  

Her advice to younger students is heartfelt and practical. "Engage deeply with your coursework and reach out to your professors. These relationships and the knowledge gained are invaluable," she advises, emphasizing the benefits of active participation and networking. 

As graduation approaches, Wilms reflects on her time at UTSA. "UTSA has been more than just a university; it's been a home. The sense of community here, the support from professors and peers—it's something I'll carry with me forever.” 


— Rebekah Alegria