Posted on May 4, 2024 by Rebekah Alegria

Drawn to the vibrant city of San Antonio with its diverse cultures and communities, Analy Quintanilla joined UTSA as one of the inaugural Bold Promise scholars.
Analy Quintanilla, B.B.A. HR Management

Analy Quintanilla, B.B.A. HR Management

"San Antonio’s multicultural environment was crucial for me as a first-generation Mexican American," explains Quintanilla, a native of Katy, Texas.  

Analy Quintanilla will graduate with many other Roadrunners this May who were Bold Promise scholars. The program was established to provide affordable education to students with financial need and strong academic backgrounds. 

"The Bold Promise scholarship was a blessing, reducing the financial burden on my family and allowing me to focus more on my studies and professional development," she reflects. This unique UTSA program, designed to support deserving students, enabled her to engage fully in her educational journey without the weight of financial stress.  

The Carlos Alvarez College of Business, known for its commitment to shaping future leaders, provided the perfect backdrop for her to pursue her passion for management and human resources. Quintanilla will graduate this May with a bachelor’s degree in management, specializing in human resource management.

During her time at UTSA, Quintanilla immersed herself in campus life, becoming an active member of The National Society of Leadership and Success and Young Life College. These organizations enriched her college experience and honed her leadership skills. "Being part of these groups taught me invaluable lessons from peers and leaders alike, and helped forge lifelong friendships," she recalls. 

Rounding out her education, she also participated in two internships during her undergraduate studies. First, she honed her skills in social media and marketing working with UTSA Dining. She then advanced to an internship in the Human Resources department within UTSA Dining, gaining hands-on experience in employee recruitment, training and engagement. "These internships were pivotal, providing me with a solid foundation in my field and enhancing my ability to make meaningful impacts within an organization," she states. 

Quintanilla's academic accomplishments will allow her to graduate with cum laude honors, but one thing she cherished most about her time at UTSA was the spirited campus life. "The best part of being a Roadrunner is the incredible school spirit and the community events like Dia en la Sombrilla and BestFest," she shares. “These experiences are ones that I’ll truly miss.” 

Looking ahead, Quintanilla feels well-prepared for her future, thanks to the comprehensive education and support she received from UTSA and the Alvarez College of Business. "The diverse learning experiences and the emphasis on collaboration and community engagement have equipped me with essential skills to thrive professionally," she explains.  

She is set to begin a human resources internship with the Harris County Appraisal District in Houston, a stepping stone toward her career goals. To those following in her footsteps, she advises, "Seek internships and practical experience. These opportunities are crucial for understanding how to apply classroom concepts in professional settings."

Drawing strength and support from her family, friends and colleagues, Quintanilla credits them with helping her achieve her dreams. "Their guidance and encouragement were pivotal to my success," she gratefully acknowledges. 


— Rebekah Alegria