Posted on May 2, 2024 by Rebekah Alegria

A team of students from the Carlos Alvarez College of Business at UTSA won second place in the Historically Black College and Hispanic-Serving Institution National Supply Chain Case Competition held at Arizona State University.
Members of the winning ASU supply chain competition team

Members of the winning ASU supply chain competition team

This intense three-day event featured 10 teams, all tackling a complex real-world supply chain management scenario provided by Applied Materials, a leader in semiconductor and display equipment. 

The Alvarez team consisted of Taylor Alexander, Savannah Giffin, Patrick Mcauliffe and Chris Winans. Their faculty advisor was Werner Teichroeb, a lecturer in management science and statistics at the Alvarez College of Business. During the competition, the team members analyzed extensive data and crafted strategic presentations, which they presented to a panel of business executives. 

Reflecting on the team’s challenges and successes, Chris Winans emphasized how the competition's time and complexity constraints were an excellent test of their classroom learning and teamwork skills. "Navigating how to work under pressure, networking with peers, faculty and business professionals and learning from other teams' approaches were among the many skills we honed during our time in Arizona," said Winans, who is a graduating senior in operations and supply chain management.  

Beyond the competition the students also had an opportunity to network with business representatives from the supply chain sector—growing their professional network.  

Reflecting on the experience, Savannah Giffin, a graduating senior majoring in operations and supply chain management, shared her insights. "The experience reinforced the value of trust in teamwork and taught me the importance of precise communication. I also learned the significance of networking and presenting ideas boldly, which will be critical in my future career." 

With a proud second-place finish at this national competition, the students are already setting their sights on next year, aiming for the top prize. 

— Rebekah Alegria