Posted on April 8, 2024 by Rebekah Alegria

Carving a remarkable path from her roots in mechanical engineering to her current role as CEO and business owner of Addison Prime, Yvonne Addison, ’09, EMBA ’18 has embarked on a career journey marked by resilience, passion and a commitment to continuous learning.

Yvonne_Addison-7-1.jpgAddison discovered her passion for design and problem-solving early on. With a love for mathematics and science, she initially considered a career in architecture. But her passion for engineering was unlocked when she began taking classes in thermodynamics and strength of materials.

“I grew up loving to play with Legos and building houses, and I also remember being so fascinated with space exploration. STEM industries were always of interest to me.”

Wanting to dive further into a career in engineering, she transferred to UTSA. Graduating with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 2009, she was able to continue her full-time role as an engineering assistant at an automotive transmission laboratory in San Antonio, a position she held during the completion of her undergraduate degree. Here, she experienced firsthand the practical applications of her engineering education. She then moved to StandardAero where she supported engineering services and the manufacturing and production side of their business.   

Working with StandardAero for almost nine years, Addison spearheaded critical initiatives such as sales and operations planning and integration projects. Her multifaceted roles equipped her with invaluable insights into various aspects of business operations and leadership, setting the stage for her next endeavor.   

“I was able to obtain a master's certificate in applied project management from Villanova University because of StandardAero’s education partnership with them. This helped me move more into the development side of the business and really encouraged me to look into opportunities that would help me grow even further in the world of business, which is where I landed when I entered the Executive MBA (EMBA) program in the Carlos Alvarez College of Business,” she said. 

Driven by a desire for continuous growth and leadership development, Addison completed her EMBA in 2018. This decision underscored her commitment to expanding her skill set and preparing herself for leadership roles beyond engineering.  

“The program allowed me to apply classroom learnings to my work, confirming my desire to advance in the leadership aspect of a new career. The EMBA program encouraged me to dive headfirst into the idea of starting my own business and led to the foundation of my company, Addison Prime."  

Today, Addison's professional endeavors extend beyond her engineering roots. As the CEO and owner of her own commercial general contracting firm, Addison continues to leverage her diverse skill set and leadership experience to drive growth and innovation. Alongside her entrepreneurial pursuits, she remains dedicated to giving back to the UTSA Alvarez business community, serving on the university’s Development Board and championing initiatives for educational excellence both university-wide and within the Alvarez College of Business.  

Serving as an inspiration for women to pursue their aspirations and make a meaningful difference in the world, Addison is thankful for the role that UTSA has played in her career success.  

“I cherish the opportunity to continue my service to UTSA and the Alvarez College of Business. I love having a part in elevating our university and promoting the brand and vision that President Eighmy has created to serve our Roadrunner community.”

— Rebekah Alegria