Posted on March 5, 2024 by Rebekah Alegria

Four Carlos Alvarez College of Business finance students traveled to New York City last month to attend a finance conference presented by Forté.


The conference gave students insights into finance internship and full-time employment interview processes, networking opportunities and unforgettable experiences. Attendees engaged with industry professionals and peers from esteemed institutions such as New York University, Columbia, Michigan and the University of Southern California. 

Student attendees were Randi Fletcher, Haylee Sanchez, Sasha Stone and Beverly Quintana. 

Events like these allow students to gain valuable insight into career paths and various facets within the finance industry. “I now have a stronger sense of direction in my career as well as new mentors to guide me during that journey. The advice I received from the panelists and the roundtable participants who have worked in the industry for many years will be invaluable as I enter the recruiting process,” noted Stone, a sophomore majoring in accounting and finance.  

The experience also allowed students to enhance their personal development. “Meeting representatives and delivering my elevator pitch repeatedly helped me understand myself better,” said Sanchez. “By the end, I felt more confident and self-aware.”  

Students were also able to participate in a career expo that facilitated encounters with prestigious New York finance companies including Deutsche Bank, PIMCO, Bloomberg and Evercore.  

The first day of the conference allotted participants some free time to explore the vibrant city, many of whom had never visited before. This period allowed students to forge connections, delve into historical landmarks, including visits to SUMMIT One Vanderbilt and Central Park and time to indulge in local delicacies like bagels, pizza and hot dogs.  

Reflecting on the conference Quintana stated,My most valuable takeaway from this experience was learning to be resilient. The finance industry is made up predominantly of men, which can present many challenges. However, every woman at this conference emphasized the importance of making yourself heard. You are in this position because you deserve it, and you should not let fear prevent you from excelling in your career.” 

The Alvarez College of Business is one of 72 Forté partner schools that receive access to corporate connections, leadership and networking opportunities which are invaluable to a student’s professional development. Their mission is to launch women into fulfilling, significant careers through access to business education, professional development and a community of female mentors. 

— Rebekah Alegria