Posted on August 2, 2023 by Rebekah Alegria

Seven Carlos Alvarez College of Business students are participating in the European Innovation Academy (EIA) this summer in Porto, Portugal. EIA is a three-week accelerated learning opportunity that focuses on entrepreneurship and includes students from over 80 countries. Teams comprised of five business students came together to experience the real-life process of building a startup company with the guidance of mentors from companies such as Google, Uber and Amazon.

The teams will be evaluated on the progression of their startup companies. Check out a few of the student’s ideas below (select students opted out of sharing their company’s information due to confidentiality).

Student: Stephen Sahagian, Senior, Management
Company Name:  Eco-bot Solutions
Brief Description: Developing an autonomous robot to recognize, gather and dump recyclable materials to help speed up the cleaning and sorting process of said materials after music festivals.

Student: Francesca White, Senior, Marketing
Company Name:  SolPaint Tech
Brief Description: We are developing solar paint. It will serve as a more versatile and cost-effective solar energy solution.

Student: Joseph Lupardus, Junior, Cyber Security
Company Name:  Smart Vertical Farming (SVF)
Brief Description: Vertical farming with sensors and climate-mitigating technology built in to make growing food more accessible for consumers and more reliable for farmers.

Student: Kaitlyn Page, Senior, Marketing
Company Name:  GoRound
Brief Description: Traveling around Europe can be confusing, especially when it comes to planning transportation to new destinations. GoRound eliminates the stress of researching and allows you to book your next exploration using ground transportation with ease.

Student Name: Nahomi Castro, Senior, Marketing
Company Name:  Optio
Brief Description: We are developing Optio, an app made to take the time inefficiency out of managing everyday products, shopping and make it easier for everyone who would rather spend their time with their families. It is the first app that gathers personalized information about how much of the products you actually use and how much it lasts for you. With Optio, you can simplify everyday shopping: collaborate, organize and save time.

— Rebekah Alegria