Posted on August 24, 2023 by Wendy Frost

An affinity for creativity and an intrigue for business sparked Angela Otuokere’s interest in pursuing a B.B.A. in Marketing at the Carlos Alvarez College of Business at UTSA. She got to further her passions this summer by working as an intern for the National Football League (NFL).

Angela OtuokereDiscovering the opportunity through Handshake, UTSA’s student career platform, she interviewed and was chosen to be a club marketing intern for their summer internship program in New York City. She was shocked and thrilled to be chosen for the job.

“I got an email saying that I landed the NFL intern position, and I swear everyone thought I was insane in the Main Building,” said Otuokere, a San Antonio native whose parents are from Nigeria. “I was crying and screaming and running around in disbelief, and the gravity of it didn’t really sink in until I arrived in New York City.

Her duties included supporting marketing campaigns and initiatives with internal marketing stakeholders across all NFL club marketing programs and driving strong collaboration and communications among all 32 teams of the league.

She was tasked with daily conference calls with various NFL teams, meetings with marketing managers to aid in their team’s marketing demands and learned from NFL leadership about other corporate positions and their roles in making the NFL what we know it to be today.

“It was cool to see how unique each of the clubs is because before coming here, I just thought that all clubs operated the same,” said Otuokere, who is president of UTSA’s American Marketing Association and historian for the African Student Association. “I came to realize how unique each of their marketing strategies was based on where they were located and their different fan bases.”

Alongside this opportunity, Otuokere was also named an Emma Bowen Fellow, through the NFL’s partnership with the Emma Bowen Foundation. The organization provides young students of color opportunities in the nation’s leading entertainment, media and tech companies. Selected among a nationwide applicant pool, she was able to network with other fellows and program alumni and network with partnering companies.

“Emma Bowen was a trailblazer in advocating for representation in the broadcasting and journalism world for minorities, which is something I value. Having the chance to be a part of this foundation means everything in the journey that I am on. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people makes a world of difference in both your college and life experiences,” said the first-gen student.

Entering the last semester of her undergraduate degree this fall, she is grateful to have spent her summer in New York City with the National Football League and the Emma Bowen Foundation, taking with her skills that will carry throughout her career. Whether pursuing her MBA or going straight into the marketing field, she hopes to align her destiny with her passions and core values.

Knowing that high risk often leads to high reward, Otuokere encourages her fellow Roadrunners to take all the risks possible, saying “Joining everything and getting exposure and networking with people is one of the greatest assets you can have. I strongly believe that my time and experiences at UTSA are the reason why I landed a position in the NFL. So, I would say just go for it, you are always on time for your life.”

— Wendy Frost