Posted on March 16, 2023 by Rebekah Alegria

Meet Katrina Swafford , an undergraduate marketing student at the Carlos Alvarez College of Business!

Expected Graduation: 2023

Favorite class, professor or topic you’ve learned about this year?

My favorite class that I’m taking this year is my MKT 4953 Digital Marketing course with Professor Castruita . It’s a small class, but I love the fact that we can ask more in-depth questions and work closely together. The hands-on projects we get to do in this class are valuable, and the knowledge I’m gaining will help me with my future career in digital marketing. Professor Castruita is an amazing mentor, and I truly appreciate all the advice she has given me so far.

What hobbies or interests do you have outside of school?

I love spending my time painting or wood-burning artistic pieces. I have always been interested in art ever since I was young, and sometimes you might catch me painting a few images on the Business Student Success Center windows whenever we have a fun activity or holiday event coming up.

What is the most memorable experience you have had at UTSA?

My most memorable experience throughout college so far was when I got accepted to work at the Business Student Success Center. Because of this unique opportunity, I got to meet so many fantastic supervisors and develop incredible friendships with my fellow student associates. During this job, I have gotten to meet different students with different backgrounds, majors and experiences, all of which I treasure throughout my college career.

What challenges have you faced in your academic journey and how did you overcome them?

Throughout my academic journey, I have had trouble with a few classes. I always felt shy about asking questions during class, but I realized that I needed help with my schoolwork. I had to overcome my fear and find a way to push forward in my class. I directly asked my professors for help, and they were always so gracious in supporting me through the difficult parts. Without their help and without me stepping up to ask questions, I’m sure I would’ve fallen behind.

Do you have any previous/upcoming internships/job offers you are proud of?

I’m thrilled to say that I will be an incoming Advertising & Digital Marketing Intern for H-E-B this summer! I connected with an amazing recruiter who helped me throughout the entire interview process. I’m very excited to start this summer, and I hope to be a permanent member of the team!

What do you hope to achieve in your future career?

For my future career, I want to become a digital marketer who can help people tell their stories to the world by promoting their brands. I want to help them envision their message and satisfy consumers in the best way possible. I dream of being someone who can be relied on and create the most significant campaigns ever.

— Rebekah Alegria