Posted on March 16, 2023 by Rebekah Alegria

Meet Anna Almaraz , an undergraduate marketing student at the Carlos Alvarez College of Business!

Expected Graduation: 2023

Favorite class, professor or topic you’ve learned about this year?

One of my favorite classes I have taken at UTSA was Consumer Behavior with Emma Gibbons . While taking her class I realized I loved the psychological reasons why marketing does or does not work for individual consumers. We had an absolute blast in that class, and she deeply cares about each of her students.

What hobbies or interests do you have outside of school?

One hobby I indulge in quite often is Pokémon Go! I love playing Pokémon Go while I go on my evening walks, and I love doing raids. I also love walking my dogs and petting/feeding stray cats.

What is the most memorable experience you have had at UTSA?

The most memorable experience I have had in college thus far is meeting my amazing friend and mentor, Will Smith , through the FYE program. I met him as a freshman in my AIS class. I remember one of our first tasks in that class was to update and edit our resumes. I had so much work experience that it took us months to cut, omit and add to my resume. I can proudly say my resume is clear, concise and has gone down from 10 pages to one and a half pages! We bonded about being overachievers and young business owners. We shared a lot of the same struggles that overachievers face, and we have been next to one another cheering each other on when we hit milestones or goals. I still talk to Will to this day about anything you could possibly think of, from career advice to funny moments we had when we were in theatre arts in middle school.

What challenges have you faced in your academic journey and how did you overcome them?

One of the biggest challenges I faced in my academic journey was finding the right internship for me. Applying for internships can be a struggle and stressful. During the first three years of applying, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. So, I started networking more via LinkedIn, attending every career fair I could find and following up with recruiters and professionals even if I didn’t get the internship. I also connected and talked with professionals in the field of marketing. I would set up Zoom calls and chats just to hear their advice.

I also lived in the Career Center and the Alvarez Student Success Center. I was constantly editing and revising my resumes and cover letters with Krishna Garza Baker . (I probably have at least 30 copies of my resume, thank you for everything Krishna!) Utilizing the university resources and going out of my way to network with professionals helped me to secure my internship!

Do you have any previous/upcoming internships/job offers you are proud of?

Yes! I have lots of amazing new projects and opportunities coming up. I have a marketing and digital advertising internship with H-E-B this summer. I am also currently working on a project with Amy Blankson, CEO of Digital Wellness Institute, preparing for the global Digital Wellness Day! When I was a junior in high school I interned at Good Think specifically for Shawn Achor, a New York bestselling author and keynote speaker. I would manage all his social media platforms and campaign for his appearances on Oprah Super Soul Sunday and Ted Talk! I worked with Good Think for about two and a half years when I transitioned from intern to part-time.

After my internship with Shawn, I was inspired to create my own marketing/digital strategy firm and have managed several clients since. I have also worked for a radio station in the past where I did their marketing strategy and was even a host for a social media segment! I will also be starting my MBA program this fall so that will be another amazing opportunity to expand my knowledge.

What do you hope to achieve in your future career?

I hope to continue my career at H-E-B Corporate and also expand my marketing firm, Social Sophie Marketing Co. As not just a marketer, but as a servant leader, I love giving back to my community and making an impact. I want to inspire and mentor other entrepreneurs to chase after their goals because those sleepless nights and hard times absolutely do pay off.

— Rebekah Alegria