Posted on November 24, 2021 by Wendy Frost

Kayla Sulpizio Kayla Sulpizio knew as a Harlan high school student that she wanted to pursue a degree in cyber security. As a junior, she met with faculty member Max Kilger to learn more about the college’s cyber security degree program and the industry. Now with almost one semester under her belt as a freshman, she has jumped headfirst into the pursuit of her passions.

Favorite class
Unlocking Cyber is currently my favorite class!

Favorite professor
Judith Dones
is my favorite professor so far. She teaches my AIS class. She makes class fun with different debates and acknowledges everyone’s opinions.

What have you learned most from your program of study so far?
I have learned how to navigate through Linux with certain commands and how to create file types within the terminal.

Any organizations or activities that you’ve been involved with in the college or at UTSA?
I have been involved in the Student Art Society and Spectrum, and I have also joined the Computer Security Association.

What are you watching, reading or listening to right now?
I am currently reading Gideon The Ninth , and I am listening to spotify music that includes MCR, Girl in Red, Billie Eilish, Set it Off, PVRIS, AViVA and a bunch more.

What advice would you give to other business Roadrunners?
Keep your head up high and plan in advance. There are a lot of classes to cover in the college and knowing your plan of attack is important. There will be classes you don’t want to take, but you need to be positive and know that there are plenty of resources to help you. I would suggest taking your core classes first.

What are your future career plans?
I plan to work in the cybersecurity industry for a private company or the government. I would like to be an Incident Response Analyst or work in Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime Investigation. On the side I would like to have an art business and take commissions!

— Wendy Frost