Posted on February 26, 2021 by Wendy Frost

Farah Hamed has grown to understand the need for adaptability not only from her management courses but also as a result of living life during a pandemic.

Farah Hamed Headshot Hamed, who is majoring in finance and management, utilizes that skill in both her job at H-E-B as well as with her work in student organizations.

She is the president of the Business Student Council, a senator in the Student Government Association and a member of the Business Honors Program and the American Marketing Association. This summer she will intern with USAA as a financial analyst.

Favorite class
MGMT 3023–Understanding People and Organizations

Favorite professor
Professor Heather Staples

How has COVID affected your studies or you personally this semester?
COVID has pushed me to adapt to everything being online for my studies and learn how to manage my time a lot better than I used to need to when I was in-person for classes. As for personally, I currently work at H-E-B as a customer service specialist for Curbside, and Curbside’s business has grown a lot since it was pre-pandemic, so that has pushed me professionally to be more involved with work, but also learn to be more adaptive regardless of the situation I am in.

What have you learned most from your program of study thus far?
In my program of study the most important thing I have learned would be the need to be adaptive. In the numerous management courses I have taken so far, I can say that the emphasis on being adaptive and learning the organization you work for and their goals, and how to help the people around you.

Any organizations or activities that you’ve been involved with in the COB or at UTSA?
I am currently the president of the Business Student Council. I am a member of the Business Honors Program, College of Business senator in Student Government Association and a member of the American Marketing Association.

What are you watching, reading or listening to right now?
Reading: When He Leaves You by Michaela Angemeer
Listening: Tickets to My Downfall by Machine Gun Kelly
Watching: Rewatching the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Professional work experience or internships that you’ve participated in?
I am currently a customer service specialist for H-E-B Curbside at the moment. This summer I will be interning with USAA as a financial analyst.

What are your future career plans?
In the future, I hope to continue a career with H-E-B and either begin their SORM (School of Retail Management) or SORL (School of Retail Leadership) program and eventually become a Unit Director, or go on to their corporate level. Another alternative would be to go through USAA and continue my career there as a financial analyst.

— Wendy Frost