Posted on November 8, 2017 by Joanna Carver

Patrick Seaworth Choosing to follow his passion, Patrick Seaworth diverted course from his original plans to become a lawyer and refocused his efforts in finance at the UTSA College of Business.

Seaworth credits his military family for instilling a commitment to his studies as well as to his community.

This fall he was named a Distinguished Business Student (DBS), an honor reserved for elite business majors based on their academic achievement, leadership experience and professional development. Only 74 students were chosen this year.

“Their stories are a constant reminder of the quality of the student body within the College of Business,” commented Seaworth on his fellow DBS students. “They are a group of students that represent the best of us, and I am proud to be a part of that group.”

Seaworth became interested in finance after his freshman year in college when he started investing the money he made in tips as a waiter. He spent a vast majority of his time researching companies and watching CNBC or Bloomberg television to learn about money management.

But, his real education began when he came to UTSA. “At UTSA I have found a community of brilliant professors who have helped my understanding of finance grow exponentially in the short time that I have been a student here,” said Seaworth, who will compete on the CFA Research Challenge team this spring.

He also credits the college’s Investment Society with expanding his finance knowledge. “My classmates in The Investment Society as well as faculty advisory Ron Sweet have both challenged me to learn and think more about investing,” he said. “Having access to a lab full of Bloomberg terminals is this finance geek’s dream come true.”

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