Posted on October 18, 2017 by Joanna Carver

Melissa Chong Roadrunner Melissa Chong has shaped her future in the UTSA College of Business.

Since transferring to UTSA as a sophomore, Chong has been active in student organizations, participated in international immersions and has culminated her UTSA career by being named a Distinguished Business Student.

Joining this elite group of business students, Chong was one of 74 students chosen based on their academic achievement, leadership experience and professional development training.

“I never would have guessed how much UTSA has helped me with my personal growth,” said Chong, a senior majoring in accounting and finance.

Active with the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting and VITA, the volunteer tax assistance program, Chong discovered her passion for the tax industry. “These organizations allowed me to network and learn about different career opportunities.”

She is also a member of the Global Business Club, and she participated in the college’s international immersion programs to Russia and Chile. And, she will travel this December to Costa Rica as part of a microlending program in conjunction with the Investment Society, a UTSA student organization that educates members about the financial industry and the economy.

“I have learned so much from my participation in the Investment Society,” said Chong. “It can be intimidating at first, but it is only through discomfort that we grow.”

Chong interned with Baird, Kurtz, and Dobson this spring in their tax department and will be working with them fulltime starting September 2018. In the future, she wants to specialize in international tax and investment tax.

“I’m excited for all that I have yet to learn and gain from my remaining year at UTSA,” she said. “By getting involved with student organizations, I’ve transformed my career.”

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