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Russell Bellomy Finding success both on the gridiron as well as in the classroom, Russell Bellomy will graduate this spring from the UTSA College of Business with both his MBA and a dream job at American Airlines.

Bellomy’s story began at the University of Michigan where he earned a bachelor’s degree in sports management and was a quarterback on the University of Michigan football team.

Returning to his home state of Texas, Bellomy was accepted into UTSA’s MBA program and joined UTSA’s football team.

Realizing his passion for numbers, he decided to focus on finance after meeting with graduate advisor Cara Jones and former graduate career advisor Peter Morales in the college’s Graduate Business Studies Office. Utilizing connections from a former professor, Bellomy applied for American Airlines MBA internship program, and he was one of five students selected for their financial planning summer analyst position.

“I wanted to work for a top company, the best of the best,” said Bellomy, whose grandmother retired from American Airlines. “I was chosen for their capital planning team.”

In this role Bellomy reviewed capital asset projects and provided his superiors with a snapshot and an analysis of the request. His final task was evaluating an $8 million software project.

“Using the lens of an internal consultant, I was tasked with evaluating the viability of various projects,” he said. “I read up on the company and learned to ask the right questions.”

Bellomy credits finance faculty members Palani-Rajan Kadapakkam and Keith Fairchild with providing him with the requisite financial skills that led to his success.

“Notes from Dr. Kadapakkam’s finance class were on my desk at work,” he said. “The faculty bring a lot of practical experience into the classroom that is invaluable.”

Upon completing the internship in August, Bellomy waited word on a full-time position before returning for his final year in the MBA program. After a few weeks Bellomy was offered a position as a financial analyst with American Airlines at their headquarters.

“In addition to your academic knowledge, you are judged on how you interact with people, meet deadlines and get things accomplished,” he said. “This is something that I really wanted to do.”

With a professional job waiting for him in June, Bellomy’s next goal is finishing out his MBA program strongly with a 3.9 GPA.

“I’m still learning things that directly correlate to the job that I’ll be doing,” he said. “I’m motivated to do my best. I couldn’t have accomplished my dreams without the people at UTSA and the strength of the finance curriculum.”

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