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Sisters Daniela and Lorena Vazquez

Sisters Daniela and Lorena Vazquez

vazquez Twin sisters and graduating seniors Daniela and Lorena Vazquez maximized their opportunities and found success in the UTSA College of Business.

Growing up in El Paso, the sisters chose to attend UTSA because they felt the city of San Antonio would provide more career potential for them than El Paso and because they felt a UTSA education would prepare them for their futures.

And, while they both started in different majors, they found their true passions in the College of Business.

Daniela, a finance major, co-founded the Professional Business Woman Society and was active with the Investment Society serving as a senior and junior analyst.

“The Investment Society is a very hands-on organization,” said Daniela. “Working with the organization gave me an edge and valuable experience in my field.”

Majoring in management science, Lorena will also graduate with a certificate in operations and supply chain management. “Management science is the math part of management,” she said.

While the sisters followed different academic pursuits, they did learn quickly what it takes to become successful in the College of Business. First, they both worked on campus in the Business Advising Center (Lorena) and the college’s Center for Student Professional Development (Daniela). Their jobs kept them on campus throughout the day and connected them with the many programs offered by the college.

Then, they polished their professional development skillset by participating in the college’s Career Action Program and attending professional development workshops.

“Through both my job as well as the professional development classes, I learned how to dress and how to address people,” said Lorena.

“The Center for Student Professional Development transformed me from a business student to a business professional,” said Daniela.

To cap it off, they both participated in the India immersion program with the College of Business and traveled with a group of students to Costa Rica during spring break with faculty member Ron Sweet to see firsthand the power of microlending.

“We’ve always wanted to go to India,” said Daniela. “I’m a big fan of traveling with the school. It is the perfect way to see for yourself how other countries do business.”

Their hard work paid off. Daniela landed internships with BBVA and Harland Clarke. And, she accepted a full-time offer as a financial analyst with Oracle in their Latin American Division. “I’m ready for the challenge and the opportunity to travel,” Daniela said.

Following an internship with JPMorgan Chase, Lorena accepted a position as an operations analyst in their San Antonio office. She will train in New York this summer. “The College of Business has so many programs that set you apart,” said Lorena.

After graduation the Vazquez sisters will travel to Thailand and Vietnam before they begin the next chapter of their lives as business professionals.

“I never imagined that I could do all these things,” said Daniela. “And, I couldn’t have without all of the support that I received at UTSA.”

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