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Gino Chincarini

Gino Chincarini

Gino Chincarini Gino Chincarini , ’79, MBA ’82 remembers his experience as a UTSA student as vividly as if it were yesterday. To this day, he cherishes the professors, the proud students and lifelong friendships. He personifies the spirit of a proud Roadrunner, and his 24 consecutive years of giving to the university are the evidence.

“I didn’t realize it’s been that long. It is such a blessing to know that my years of giving have made an impact for students at UTSA,” said Chincarini.

Since 1991, he has made 131 monetary gifts to support various UTSA programs, scholarships and the College of Business, where he earned both his undergraduate degree in accounting and MBA. Including gifts ranging from $25 to $1,500, and membership with the Alumni Association, he has contributed more than $20,000 over the years.

“It’s not the amount that matters, because it all adds up over time. I see it as making an investment in the future and our community,” he explained. “I believe in tithing at church and giving to UTSA, and supporting other causes are an extension of that belief.”

Chincarini credits the foundation built through his education at UTSA for a successful career as an accountant and, currently, a physical therapist. Now 24 years and $21,025 later, he remains committed to giving to his alma mater.

The first-ever freshman to be accepted to the university, the campus that Gino once walked thrives today because of his extraordinary track record of giving and gifts from so many others.

“Progress is ongoing, so we must always be willing to support it. I feel very blessed to be able to give to
UTSA,” he shared.

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