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Deeksha Munjal receiving her award

Deeksha Munjal receiving her award

Deeksha Munjal receiving her award Deeksha Munjal , a first year doctoral student in organization and management studies, won the People’s Choice award at the Ready, Set, Research Competition sponsored by the UTSA Graduate School.

The competition challenged students at the master’s and doctoral levels to present their research to their peers in three minutes or less.

Munjal presented research on the falsification of data on employment applications—a project that she collaborated on with Management Professor Robert Cardy . According to recent studies, falsification is a frequent occurrence in the job market. Approximately 50% of job applicants falsify information on their résumé.

“Not all lies are the same,” said Munjal, who had previously worked in human resources for the Chicago Zoological Society. “Employers viewed dishonesty on hard skills differently than on soft skills.” In addition, she found that employer recommendations were also swayed by the likability of the job applicants.

What does Munjal’s research mean to organizations and individuals? “First, employers need to train hiring managers to find falsifications. If you’re a manager don’t be fooled,” said Munjal. “As an applicant, don’t falsify information.”

Munjal has submitted her research to the Southern Management Association to present at their upcoming conference. She looks forward to expanding upon this work by completing employer surveys this summer.

“I want to make a difference in the business world,” said Munjal. “It is rewarding to know that the academic work I’m doing has meaning in the corporate world.”

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