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Charlie Paulette

Charlie Paulette

Charlie Paulette Charlie Paulette , ’92, MBA ’01, chief sales and marketing officer at The Gambrinus Company, spoke to a classroom of undergraduates in Marye Tharp’s Principles of Marketing class this month.

Paulette, a native of San Antonio, shared with the students that after attending his first marketing class he knew that marketing was the profession for him.

Since receiving his undergraduate degree in marketing from UTSA, Paulette has risen through the ranks at the Gambrinus Company. He left briefly in 2007 to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, but returned in 2011 to his current position. He also is the founder and chairman of Dulce Vida Spirits.

“Get behind your brand and understand what it is all about,” said Paulette, who works for one of the top 10 U.S. brewing companies. “When I was going to school I liked the creative side of marketing. Now, I love the analytics.”

Paulette shared with the students the qualities that he looks for in new hires. “First, I’m looking for someone with organizational skills. Next, they need to be motivated to do the job. In marketing, I’m looking for someone with a good balance of left and right brain skills. Finally, I want someone with good communication skills.”

He encouraged the students not to sell themselves short when they are interviewing for positions. “Skills that you develop as a college student now working in a restaurant or a bar can be applicable to your future professional career.”

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