Principles of Accounting
Competency Exam

Students wishing to enroll in ACC 3023 Intermediate Accounting must successfully complete both sections (at least 75% on both multiple choice and accounting cycle sections) of the PACE. The prerequisite block is in place and will not be released until the PACE has been passed, the student has declared their major, and a ‘C’ or better recorded for ACC 2033.

The goal of the Department of Accounting in requiring the PACE is not to keep students out of ACC 3023 Intermediate Accounting I. The goal is to help students who enter ACC 3023 Intermediate Accounting I have a good chance of earning a passing grade in ACC 3023 Intermediate Accounting I.

Passing one section at a time is not allowed and past scores cannot be combined to achieve a pass. Students may take the exam twice each semester. If the PACE is not passed by the second attempt, the student will not be allowed to enroll in ACC 3023 for THAT semester. A student must pass the PACE in four attempts. A student who is unable to successfully pass the PACE exam in four attempts will be required to change his or her major outside of accounting. Once the PACE is passed, it is not necessary to take it again in future semesters.

Please note that a score of “pass” on the PACE does not guarantee you a seat in the course. ACC 3023 Intermediate Accounting I classes tend to close early. Please consider taking and passing the PACE as early as possible to get the course day, time, and instructor of your choice.

PACE Testing
All students must log on to ASAP to register with Testing Services to take the PACE. Verify that you have access to Blackboard prior to arriving at Testing Services.

  • Testing Services posts PACE registration dates on ASAP every semester.
  • Actual testing begins approximately two weeks prior to the opening of registration for each new semester.
  • The PACE is not offered on a walk-in basis. Register to take the PACE on ASAP.
  • You must register no later than noon on the last working day prior to the exam (i.e. if you plan to take the exam on Monday, you must register by noon the preceding Friday).
  • The PACE is given at Testing Services at both the 1604 and downtown campuses.

Study Resources
Review materials are available on Blackboard to help students prepare for the PACE. The materials include study lists, practice problems, videos, and information about auditing ACC 2013, Principles of Accounting I.

To be added to the PACE review course on Blackboard, please email your name and student ID (abc123) to Stacy Conrad.

On your scheduled test day:
No one will be admitted after test start time.

  • Students must arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled test time
  • Bring a valid, non-expired, photo ID in order to test
  • You will be charged $15 each time you take the exam. The $15 fee is charged automatically to your UTSA account which you may pay for online through your ASAP student account or in person at Fiscal Services.
  • You must be able to log into Blackboard to access the exam
  • Testing Services Office will provide the allowed four-function calculator – do NOT bring your own

About the PACE:
The Pace is 2 hours in length and consists of two parts:

  • 15 multiple-choice questions
  • 1 accounting cycle problem

The material tested on the PACE is very basic information from principles of accounting (financial only). For more detail on this material, please refer to the Blackboard site.