Finance Assessment of Competency Test (FACT)

Students planning to take the courses below are required to pass the FACT exam before they register for the following courses:

  • FIN 3023 — Intermediate Corporate Finance
  • FIN 4713 — Mortgage Banking and Real Estate Finance
  • FIN 4723 — Principles of Real Estate Investment

For students to be able to register for the course, the FACT test must be cleared before the first weekend of the term start date for the spring and fall semesters and before the first class day for the summer semester.

If you are planning to register for FIN 3023, FIN 4713, or Fin 4723 and have not yet taken the FACT exam, email the Department of Finance admin Rebecca Stratton at rebecca.stratton@utsa.edu, to request access to the FACT Blackboard. Students are advised to review the study material and take the sample test presented on Blackboard.

The FACT test is offered by Testing Services. You must register through ASAP at least 24 hours in advance to take the FACT. You may take the test up to three times in a single semester. There is a $15 fee assessed by Testing Services each time you take the exam. Test dates and times are available on the Testing Services site in ASAP. Please arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled test time and bring a valid, photo ID to the test session.

The FACT exam will test students’ knowledge and proficiency in topics covered in FIN 3013 and will specifically focus on

  • Time value of money
  • Bond and stock valuation (values and returns)
  • Capital budgeting (NPV and IRR)
  • Financial statements
  • Risk and Return
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital

The exam will be

  • Administered by the UTSA Testing Services for a $15 fee
  • Is multiple-choice format
  • Contains 30 questions with calculations and concepts

The following resources are available

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