Statistics Seminar

Statistics Seminar

The UTSA College of Business Department of Management Science and Statistics Seminar Series will take place on the following Fridays from 2-3 p.m. in the UTSA Business Building Room 3.02.16 (Statistics Lab). The seminar series is open to the public.

Spring 2019

Date Speaker Presentation
Jan. 25 Francky Fouedjio
Department of Geological Sciences
Stanford University
“Clustering of Multivariate Geostatistical Data”
February 22 Corey Sparks
UTSA Department of Demography
“Bayesian Measurement Error Models in Demographic Analysis”
March 1 Zhu Wang
Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics
UT Health San Antonio
“Innovative Robust Boosting Algorithms”
March 22 Debashis Mondal
Department of Statistics
Oregon State University
“Markov Random Fields, Geostatistics, and Matrix-Free Computation”
March 29 Daniela Cortes
Departamento de Actuaria, Fisica y Matematics
Universidad de las Américas Puebla
“A Non-Parametric Way to Measure the Percentage of Smoothness in the Trend of a Univariate Time Series: An Application in a Time Series of Mexico’s GDP”
April 12 Xiangrong Yin
Department of Statistics
University of Kentucky
“Expected Conditional Characteristic Function-based Measures for Testing Independence”
April 19 Wenbo Wu
UTSA Department of Management Science and Statistics
“Simultaneous Estimation for Semi-Parametric Multi-Index Models”

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Presentation
Sept. 7 Long Liu
UTSA Department of Economics
“High Dimensional Econometrics and Identification”
Sept. 14 Shouhuai Xu
UTSA Department of Computer Science
“Cybersecurity Data Analytics: Problems, Recent Results, and Research Directions”
Sept. 28 Meng Li
Rice University Department of Statistics
“Quantile Regression for Functional Data and Time Series Forecasting”
Oct. 12 Abhra Sarkar
UT-Austin Department of Statistics and Data Science
“Novel Statistical Frameworks for Analysis of Structured Sequential Data”
Oct. 19 Yulia Gel
UT-Dallas Department of Mathematical Science
“On the the Role of Higher Order Topological Properties in Functionality of Complex Networks”
Nov. 2 Jeffrey Hart
Texas A&M University Department of Statistics
“Prior-free Bayes Factors Based on Data Splitting”
Nov. 9 Walter Richardson
UTSA Department of Mathematics
“Challenges in Modeling the Smart Grid and Deep Learning to Forecast Solar Irradiance”

For more information, contact Professor Victor De Oliveira, seminar series organizer.