Minghe Sun, Ph.D.

Professor, Management Science and Statistics

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Minghe Sun received his Ph.D. in business administration with a major in management science and information technology and a minor in operations management from the University of Georgia in 1992. He received his MBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1987 and a bachelor’s in metallurgy from Northeastern University in China in 1982. Professor Sun has been working at UTSA since he received his doctorate.

His research interests are in mathematical programming and related areas. His recent studies are in supply chain management and machine learning. His work has appeared in almost all major journals in the Management Science/Operations Research/Operations Management/Decision Sciences areas including Management Science, Operations Research, Production and Operations Management, INFORMS Journal on Computing, Decision Sciences, Transportation Science, European Journal of Operational Research, Decision Support Systems, Journal of Heuristics, Annals of Operations Research, Omega, Networks, Computers & Operations Research, among others. He received the prestigious Decision Sciences Institute Elwood S. Buffa Doctoral Dissertation Competition Award in 1993 and the Decision Sciences Institute Best Theoretical/Empirical Research Paper Award twice, once in 2003 and once in 2006.

At UTSA, Professor Sun teaches courses in management science, operations management and business statistics at the undergraduate, MBA and doctoral levels. He received the University of Texas System Chancellor’s Council Outstanding Teaching Award in 1999.


  • Management science and operations management
  • Supply chain management
  • Business statistics

Research Interests

  • Mathematical programming and its applications
  • Supply chain management
  • Machine learning


  • Ph.D. University of Georgia
  • MBA Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • B.S. Northeastern University


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