Jerry Keating in classroom - Department of Management Science and Statistics If you want to learn how to solve complex business problems and how to use quantitative methods for analysis, then earn a degree in the Department of Management Science and Statistics at the Carlos Alvarez College of Business. The department offers four undergraduate programs: a B.B.A. in actuarial science, a B.B.A. in business analytics, a B.B.A. in operations and supply chain management and a B.S. in statistics and data science. In addition, undergraduate certificates are also available in business analytics and operations and supply chain management.

At the graduate level, course offerings include a graduate certificate in operations & supply chain management, a M.S. in statistics and data science and a Ph.D. in applied statistics.

Actuarial Science

Actuarial science is a discipline that uses mathematical and statistical models to solve problems in insurance and finance. Students take courses in mathematics, statistics, economics and finance as part of the program. An actuary is an expert in risk management, and these skills are highly valued in industry.

Business Analytics

Business analytics students will have the opportunity to develop and apply analytical models and to acquire essential quantitative and computer skills necessary to aid in solving problems in the increasingly technical business environments. The focus of this degree is on applications and appropriate software with a view toward how a manager can effectively apply quantitative business models to improve the decision-making process.

Operations and Supply Chain Management

UTSA operations and supply chain management students learn how to deal with ensuring the uninterrupted flow of goods and services from a business to its customers.

Students take a multidisciplinary approach to design systems, make decisions and solve complex problems for organizations and their supply chains. In addition, students will have the opportunity to practice analytical, communication and leadership skills and acquire essential computer skills necessary in today’s technological workplace—with the ultimate goal of contributing to improved business decision-making.

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A statistics degree trains students to collect, organize, analyze and interpret numerical information to answer questions in almost every aspect of modern day life. One of the benefits of this field is that it can lead to careers in a wide variety of areas such as clinical research, quality control, corporate planning and financial analysis.

If you have an analytical mind and a passion for problem solving, then learn more about what the Department of Management Science and Statistics has to offer.

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