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Welcome to the Cyber ‘Runners Podcast brought to you by the Department of Information Systems and Cyber Security in the Carlos Alvarez College of Business at The University of Texas at San Antonio.

As a top research university, the goal of this podcast is to profile our cyber security research. We’ll also explore career opportunities for current and future students, young professionals and new alumni.

Season 1 - Episode Guide

Cyber ‘Runners Season 1 Episode 1Nicole L. Beebe sits down with host Kim Ibarra to share how her career path led her to cyber security.

In this episode (36 minutes)

  • Aspects of cyber security
  • Digital forensics
  • The cyber security program at UTSA--custom-curated content, real-world experts and hands-on training
  • New applied cyber analytics degree--first in the nation and the wave of the future by combining cyber security with data analytics
  • UTSA rankings and research
  • The benefits of understanding the business of cyber

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Cyber ‘Runners Season 1 Episode 2Join us for a conversation with Glenn Dietrich as he discusses the history of the cyber security program at UTSA. Learn about the many scholarship opportunities available for cyber security students and what the future holds for this growing domain.

In this episode (23 minutes)

  • How the cyber security program at UTSA began
  • UTSA recognized as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense, Cyber Research and Cyber Operations
  • The importance of protecting our nation's industrial control systems
  • The pathway to earning a doctorate in cyber security
  • Scholarship opportunities specifically for cyber security majors

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Cyber ‘Runners Season 1 Episode 3

Join us for a conversation with Rita Mitra, DMA, MSCS, as she shares how her career transitioned from being a classical music performer into information systems and cyber security. Hear how an engaged faculty with a diversity of viewpoints is critical to the success of a program and how women are taking on a more proactive role in cyber security.

In this episode (33 minutes)

- How music is similar to computer programming
- Online programs at UTSA
- Open educational resource

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Cyber Runners Podcast Season 1, Episode 4 with Ben Anderson

Join us for a conversation with Ben Anderson as he discusses his experiences being with the Marine Corps Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team (FAST), Motorola, Sandia National Labs, and in his current role as a cyber competitions team coordinator.

In this episode (33 minutes)

- How cyber competitions can offer a challenging and rewarding experience
- Opportunities available to students for participating in cyber competitions

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