Laptop Policy

All students enrolled in Carlos Alvarez College of Business courses are required to have access to a computer for course-related activities, which may include, but is not limited to assignment write-ups, web resource access, Blackboard access, video conferencing and online exams.

Because many classes will require students to bring a laptop to class for in-class experiential learning (see list below), all students are required to have a laptop while taking classes in the Alvarez College of Business. The singular exception is the fully online BBA in Cyber Security, in which case a desktop or a laptop is required because all of their classes will be online.

Financial Aid

Because a laptop is an academic requirement for all Carlos Alvarez College of Business students, students can make a one-time request to increase financial aid to support the purchase of an appropriate computer to complement course instruction.

Financial Aid Form (PDF)

For more information contact a One Stop counselor with questions.

Laptop Specifications

Please review the minimum recommended requirements below. If you currently own a laptop, please make sure that your device meets the minimum standards.

Please note that some classes, particularly upper-level cyber security classes, require that students have administrative privileges on the Windows laptop to install software and adjust configuration settings for laboratory assignments. These courses also drive the required storage, processor and RAM requirements stated in the college laptop policy. Some classes will require students to create, use, connect, etc. several virtual machines, so students may need up to 100GB or more of free storage space per semester.

Microsoft Surfaces will not work for many classes, because the operating system is not Windows 10/11 Education or Professional and does not permit the installation of virtual machines.

Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 or AMD Ryzen 5
RAM: 16 GB
Webcam (internal or external), speaker and microphone
Wi-Fi capability
Windows 10/11 Education or Professional operating system
Additional Requirement: reliable broadband internet connection
Courses Requiring Laptops Every Semester

COB ClassesClasses listed here as “requiring laptops every semester” have additional requirements — laptops that you can bring to class, laptops with technical capabilities specified in this laptop requirement policy, administrator level access to a laptop to do advanced computing activities, etc. Individual instructors will identify course and semester specific requirements (e.g., the requirement to bring a laptop to a physical classroom). Students should not wait until the start of the semester to get laptops with the required specifications.

Note: The college cannot support or take responsibility for software installations on non-Windows machines.

Course Laptop Requirements by Department

All accounting courses require students to have a laptop.

  • FIN 4873 may require a laptop (check with instructor)
  • FIN 6313 may require a laptop (check with instructor)
  • In-residence program: ALL IS designated classes in the in-residence program utilize laptops every semester, except IS 1403, IS 1413, IS 3003, IS 3533, IS 6373, IS 6763
  • Any course section that is taking place online/hybrid
  • All online BBA in Cybersecurity degree courses (desktop acceptable)
  • All PhD classes require a laptop
  • MGT 3003
  • MGT 3013
  • MGT 3613
  • MGT 4893
  • MGT 4923
  • MGT 4943
  • MGT 5043
  • All courses with STA prefix require laptops
  • All courses with MS prefix require laptops
  • These collectively cover the program range of:
    • Bachelor of Business Administration in Actuarial Science (BBA-ACS)
    • Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Science (BBA-MGS)
    • Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Data Science (BS-SDS)
    • Master of Science in Statistics and Data Science (MS-SDS)
    • Ph.D. in Applied Statistics (PhD-APS)
    • Certificate of Business Analytics (BSA)
    • Undergraduate and Graduate Certificates of Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM)
    • Core Curriculum (CC)
    • Mandatory service courses for Biology Department and College of Engineering
  • All courses in MSDA, except National Security (NS), require laptops
Contacts for Support

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Check with your instructor for tutoring and teaching assistant availability the first week of class.

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