College of Business Laptop Policy

COB ClassesBeginning Fall 2019, all College of Business students will be required to have a laptop for use in business classes. This requirement will allow technical classes to be taught in any classroom at UTSA and will integrate the use of technology throughout all business disciplines.


Classes Utilizing Laptops Spring 2020

  • All fully-online classes in the College of Business*
  • IS 2043-001, 002 and 003 Intermediate Object Oriented Programming
  • IS 3033-001 Operating Systems Security
  • IS 3033-001, 002 and 003 Operating Systems Security
  • IS 3063-001, 002 Database Management for Information Systems
  • IS 3073-001, 002 Application Development
  • IS 3833-001 Cyber Operations
  • IS 4523-001 Digital Forensic Analysis II
  • IS 5203-001 Telecommunication Systems
  • MGT 4663-001 Training
  • DA 6823-001 and 002 Data Analytics Practicum I
  • DA 6833 Data Analytics Practicum II

*Students in the Online BBA Cyber Security degree program may use either a desktop or laptop.


Laptop Specifications

Below are the minimum requirements regarding laptop specifications by major.  If you currently own a laptop, please make sure that your device meets these standards.

Minimum Requirements

Information Systems & Cyber Security Majors Other Business Majors
Intel i7 technology Intel i7 technology
RAM: 16 GB DDR 2400 MHZ RAM: 16 GB
Harddrive: 500 GB SSD or M.2 Harddrive: 500 GB SSD or M.2
15+ inch display 14+ inch display
Webcam: internal or external Webcam: internal or external
Ports: 3 USB 3.0 or USB3C Ports: 3 USB 3.0 or USB3C
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
Win10 Pro Win10 Pro
Broadband Internet connection Broadband Internet connection
RJ45 (optional)

Students are not required to purchase from any particular vendor, as long as their device meets the minimum standards.  But, the college has negotiated special pricing from the vendors below to assist you in this process. Click on the logos to view their package options.


HP logo Lenovo Dell

Software Resources

For assistance with software licensing, please view the attached listing of COB Student Software Resources.

Financial Aid

Because a laptop is an academic requirement for all College of Business students, students can make a one-time request to increase financial aid to support the purchase.  Click on this link to complete the required form.  For more information contact a One Stop counselor with questions.


For questions regarding computer purchases through our vendors, contact John Soudah. For questions regarding course requirements contact your course instructor.