Marshall K. Pitman, Ph.D., CPA, CMA

Professor, Accounting

Marshall Pitman


Marshall K. Pitman holds a Ph.D. in accounting from the University of Mississippi, and an MBA and B.S.B. in accounting from the Eastern Illinois University. He joined the accounting faculty at UTSA in 1984. Prior to that he had taught accounting at DePaul University and Eastern Illinois University. Dr. Pitman has worked as an auditor for one of the leading international public accounting firms. He teaches primarily auditing and governmental/not-for-profit accounting.

Dr. Pitman is very active in the accounting profession. For the AICPA Dr. Pitman has served as a member of the council, trustee of the Educational Foundation, chair of the Auditing and Attestation Subcommittee, content (CPA exam) committee, Professional Ethics executive committee, and Technical Standards (ethics) committee. For the TSCPA he has served as treasurer, secretary, board of directors, president of the Board of Trustees of the Education Foundation, editorial board, Professional Ethics executive committee and several other committees and task forces.

Research Interests

  • Auditing, audit fees, and auditor rotation
  • Governmental and not-for-profit financial reporting
  • Accounting/auditing education


  • Ph.D. University of Mississippi
  • MBA Eastern Illinois University
  • B.S.B. Eastern Illinois University


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