Alexander Lewis, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Management

Alexander Lewis



Alexander Lewis was named assistant professor of management in 2020 at The University of Texas at San Antonio Carlos Alvarez College of Business. He received his B.A. in economics and history at Trinity University, his M.A. in economics at UTSA and his Ph.D. in management and organization studies at UTSA.

I am an institutional theorist researching entrepreneurship. My present research interests include the legitimacy of new structures and practices in entrepreneurship, the status of entrepreneurship in society, and issues that marginalized groups face as they engage with their broader entrepreneurial ecosystems.

I am a San Antonio native, and I am passionate about this city, the Spurs, HEB and Tex-Mex cuisine. Outside of academia, my interests include fashion, architecture and design, dystopian and surreal fiction and pugs.

Research Interests

  • Legitimacy of new structures and practices in entrepreneurship
  • Status of entrepreneurship in society


  • Ph.D. UTSA
  • M.A. UTSA
  • B.A. Trinity University