Victor L. Heller, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Management

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Dr. Victor L. Heller is an associate professor of Management in the Carlos Alvarez College of Business. He holds B.A., M.P.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Arizona State University.

Dr. Heller's career has blended academic and practical experiences. He has taught at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird).

His practitioner experiences include; president/CEO of a non-profit association, CFO of a not-for-profit organization, registered lobbyist, director of a state agency, university administrator, community worker on a Native American Reservation, and an assistant to a mayor, a city manager and a university president. He has traveled to and conducted business in twenty-eight countries.

His research interests are focused on business ethics, civility and conflict resolution, organizational strategy and transformation, and team building.

Dr. Heller's publications include three ethics textbooks; Business Ethics: Philosophies, Principles, and Practices, and Ethical Dilemmas: How Do You Measure Up? His most recent book, Business Ethics for Future Leaders: An Anthology was published in August 2020.

He has received a number of teaching awards, including the IIQEST-Robert A. Beck Journalism Award for his work in international business ethics, outstanding MBA Professor for his Ethics and Globalization course, and the COB Teaching Honor Roll for his undergraduate courses.

Dr. Heller has been active in numerous local, state, national and international professional boards and organizations. His is the recipient of the Fleet Marine Combat Operations award for his service in Vietnam.

Research Interests

  • Business Ethics
  • Civility and conflict resolution
  • Organizational strategy and transformation
  • Team building


  • Ph.D. Arizona State University
  • M.S. Arizona State University
  • B.B.A. Arizona State University


  • Business Ethics for Future Leaders: An Anthology, V. Heller, J. Heller and N. Heller, 1st Edition, San Diego, Calif., Cognella Publishers, 2019.
  • Business Ethics: Philosophies Principles and Practices, with N.A. Heller, 1st Edition, Dubuque: Iowa, Kendall-Hunt, 2007.
  • Ethical Dilemmas: How Do You Measure UP?, Heller, V., 1st Edition, Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall-Hunt, 2006. (Workbook used in undergraduate classes.)