Arkangel Cordero, Ph.D.

Lutcher Brown Fellow, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Advisor, Management

Arkangel Cordero


I am passionate about teaching entrepreneurship and strategy to help students develop the mindset and skills that will empower them to successfully launch their own startups, act as intrapreneurs in corporate positions or simply increase their innovativeness in future undertakings. In doing so, I contribute to building the Alvarez College of Business's brand for teaching excellence.

Research Interests

My research advances scholarly understandings of how the institutional environment affects the creation of new organizations, both independent new firms (entrepreneurial startups) and new foreign subsidiaries of established firms. My research both draws from institutional theory to understand how and through what mechanisms sociopolitical factors enable or hinder such foundings and contributes back to institutional theory by leveraging emergent insights from these settings.


  • Ph.D. Cornell University
  • M.S. Cornell University
  • MBA Bentley University
  • Bachelor of Philosophy Ave Maria College


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