Pepe Chang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Management

Pepe Chang Headshot



Pepe Lee Chang is an associate professor in the Department of Management at The University of Texas at San Antonio. She joined the UTSA faculty in 2007 after completing her doctorate in philosophy. Her Ph.D. is from The University of Utah, Department of Philosophy. Her B.S. degree is also from the University of Utah in business.

Dr. Chang oversees and instructs the college’s MBA ethics curriculum. She also teaches business ethics for the Honors College. Her current research involves the cross section of business ethics and medical ethics in the pharmaceutical industry. Other research interests include the practical application of the philosophy of Bernard Williams, corporate social responsibility, leadership, moral philosophy and Nietzsche.


  • Ethics and Globalization (MBA/Graduate)
  • Legal, Ethical and Social Issues in Health Care Management (MBA/Graduate)
  • Leadership and Ethics (MBA/Graduate)
  • International Business Ethics (MBA/Graduate)
  • Social and Ethical Issues in Business (Undergraduate)
  • Business Ethics (Undergraduate)
  • Bioethics (Undergraduate)

Research Interests

  • Business ethics/social issues in management
  • Moral philosophy/ethics
  • Healthcare/medical/bioethics
  • Stakeholder theory and the commodification of healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical industry


  • Ph.D. University of Utah
  • B.S. University of Utah


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