Sharad Asthana, Ph.D.

Professor, Accounting

Sharad Asthana


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Dr. Sharad Asthana is an award winning teacher and researcher who obtained his Ph.D. in accounting from the University of Texas at Austin in 1995 after 13 years of experience as a senior manager and CEO. Dr. Asthana has published in top-tier accounting journals such as, The Accounting Review, Contemporary Accounting Research, Accounting Horizons, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, International Journal of Auditing and Journal of Information Systems.

He is a widely recognized researcher in the areas of pension accounting, capital markets, information technology and market for audit services. According to a recent publication, he is ranked as one of the top 25 most published researchers in accounting information systems. He is the editor-in-chief for the International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation.

He has won two “Best Paper Awards” and has been inducted twice into the Dean’s Research Honor Roll for outstanding research. He has also won two “Teacher of the Year Awards” for excellence in the classroom. Recently, he received the Carlos Alvarez College of Business Endowed Award for Overall Faculty Excellence and has been named a Dean’s Distinguished Research Scholar.

Research Interests

  • Capital market
  • Market for audit services
  • Pension accounting
  • Accounting information systems


  • Ph.D. University of Texas-Austin
  • Ph.D. (ABD) Lucknow University
  • M.S. Lucknow University
  • B.S. (Honors) Lucknow University
  • B.S. Lucknow University


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