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UTSA College of Business Briefcase Brigade Marches in Battle of Flowers Parade

brigade marchesFor the fifth year running, the UTSA College of Business Briefcase Brigade marched in the Battle of Flowers parade on Friday, April 27. The group placed second in the amusements category for this year’s performance. The brigade was comprised of UTSA faculty, staff and students who performed a “precision” briefcase dance routine along the 2.6-mile parade route.

“We were honored to be a part of the Battle of the Flowers parade, a longstanding tradition here in San Antonio,” said Daniel Hollas, College of Business interim dean. “It was a prime opportunity to spread the mission of the college of business and represent UTSA.”

UTSA business student participants included Luisa Bran, Tina Brewster, Lewis Flores, Dina Jackson, Marston Jefferson, Patricia Lara, Jade Leal, Leticia Littleton, Rochelle Mata, Chris Medina, Rose Ornelas, Jo Rios, Julie Rios and Jacquelie Trejo.

Faculty and staff participants included Maureen Bird, Wendy Frost, Larry Garcia, Dan Hollas, Mary Kalicki, Kim Kyle, Deryl Martin, Elaine Miller, Lisa Montoya, Kathy Pope, Joey Ramos, Karen Rayzor, Diane Walz, Sandy Wenzel and Karen Williams.

The Battle of Flowers parade is the oldest event and largest parade associated with Fiesta San Antonio. It is the only parade in the United States organized solely by women volunteers.

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