Business Honors Program

The Business Honors Program began in spring 2019. The Business Honors distinction is available only to students admitted to the Business Honors Program. Students pursuing all BBA majors in the College of Business are eligible to apply and participate. Due to the nature of the program, freshmen, sophomores and transfer students are encouraged to apply.

The Business Honors Program provides academically outstanding students with opportunities to benefit from an enriched first-class education. Business Honors students will take smaller classes taught by some of the best faculty in the college. Additionally, the program is designed to give our students a competitive edge in the job market.

Students are required to complete a total of 18 hours of business honors coursework as well as experiential learning activities during their undergraduate education. A student can pursue both the Honor’s College and the Business Honors program. The Business Honors coursework and requirements may be combined with some requirements from the Honors College.

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College of Business Honors Program Curriculum

Business Honors students must complete 18 hours of Honors-only sections of the business core curriculum (Common Body of Knowledge). Honors-only sections are limited to students in the Business Honors program, smaller in size and challenge our students to think critically about the various subjects that are taught in the business core curriculum.  These are not additional courses—they are honors sections built into the undergraduate business curriculum.  Each class is only offered one term per academic year, as follows:

15 hours from Business Core Curriculum

Fall Spring
ECO 2023               MGT 3013                 IS 3003 ECO 2013               MS 1023               FIN 3013
ACC 2013                MKT 3013                MS 3043 ACC 2033               GBA 2013

3 hours
Graduation capstone course: MGT 4893

Business Honors Engagement Activity Requirements

Engagement activities are curricular and co-curricular experiences both on and off campus in which students intentionally explore, discover, connect and build community to lead in a global society.  The Business Honors Program will recognize student engagement in the following four broad areas below.

  • Research and Discovery
  • Student and Campus Engagement
  • Community-Based and Global Learning
  • Personal, Professional and Career Development

Program activities will include senior-level guest speakers from the business and nonprofit communities, service projects, and social activities.

Graduation Requirement

To graduate in the Business Honors program, students must complete ALL program requirements and have a UTSA and College of Business 3.25 GPA.

Applying for the UTSA Business Honors Program

Undergraduate pre-business or business majors and community college transfer students interested in business as an area of study are encouraged to apply. Students interested in being admitted to the Business Honors Program must complete an Application for Admission. Admission to the Business Honors Program is competitive. Every Honors applicant is evaluated on an individual basis.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. You must be pursuing a B.B.A. major in the College of Business.
  2. You have completed a minimum of 12 hours at UTSA by the end of the term in which you are applying. Courses from other institutions do not count.  AP or CLEP courses do not count.
  3. You have earned a 3.25 UTSA and COB GPA by the end of the term in which you are applying. Before accepting any applicants, we will confirm GPA requirements.  If you have not completed any business courses at UTSA you can still apply.
  4. In order to earn Business Honors, students must complete 18 hours of business Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) courses that are designated as honors sections. If you have already earned 15 or more CBK hours, you are NOT eligible to APPLY to the new Business Honors Program.
  5. A short essay on a predetermined topic. Be sure to proofread your final submission.
  6. Submit an updated resume in PDF format. Make clear the extent of your involvement in one or more extracurricular activities. Visit the Center for Student Professional Development for help preparing your resume.

Students who are admitted to the University Honors Program have direct admission to the Business Honors Program, but must apply to confirm participation in the Business Honors Program.

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