Technology Discounts

Students are not required to purchase from any particular vendor, as long as their device meets the minimum standards.  However, the college has negotiated special pricing from the vendors below to assist you in this process. For pricing and the discount package options available to UTSA Carlos Alvarez College of Business students, please visit the vendor pages below.

Dell Lenovo
View Dell Deals View Lenovo Deals
Starting at $1,276 Starting at $1,003
  • Dell Back to School Offer: Buy a Dell PC $499+ at the UTSA Tech Store, get a $100 Rebate.

For questions regarding computer purchases through our vendors, contact COBTech@utsa.edu.

Software Resources

Accounting/Finance Software


Trial version is available for students from Intuit (one year of QuickBooks Online and five months of QuickBooks Desktop). Enter your information to verify your academic status.

Statistics/Data Science Packages


R- project is a free open-source software, externally available on their website:

  • Click on “CRAN”
  • Depending on your professor’s instruction, there are various download package links that will automatically download on your personal/utsa desktop

Some editions of RStudio must be paid for, but an open source version is available free of cost:

  • Click on “RStudio Desktop”
  • Click the download link under the Open-Source edition

SAS is available for discounted purchase from the UT ServiceNow TX Shop, requires a UT EID:

Request a UT EID: ut.service-now.com | (FAQ)

Pom QM (TreePlan Decision Tree Add-In)

Available through Pearson.

Programming Languages/Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

Anaconda (Python platform)

The individual version of Anaconda is free and open source, scroll to the bottom of page for download links.


Students enrolled in an information systems and cyber security course have access to more than 100 Microsoft Developer Tools for use on their personal machines and are automatically enrolled in the Carlos Alvarez College of Business subscription with Microsoft Azure. Accounts are available the second week of classes each semester. Contact COBTech@utsa.edu for more information.


Lightweight Java IDE – with Amazon Correcto.

Jetbrains Software (IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and more)

All Jetbrains IDEs are freely available to students through the Github Student Developer Pack:

  • Follow the steps to apply for the pack with your UTSA email
  • You should receive a confirmation email within a few days
  • Click the link in the email (https://education.github.com/pack/offers)
  • Scroll down to the Jetbrains offer and follow instructions to redeem it
  • Use the Github account associated with your UTSA email to access the Jetbrains products

Lightweight, open-source virtual machine manager.

VMWare Academic Program (VMAP)

Students enrolled in an information systems and cyber security course have access to virtualization technology provided by the VMware Academic Program (VMAP). Accounts are automatically generated the first week of each semester and eligible students will receive an email with registration details.


Free, open-source network protocol analyzer.

University Technology Services (UTS)

The university, through the Office of Digital Learning, provides technical support services and technology to students such as accessibility services, video conferencing technology, and productivity software. These services and tools (including access to Microsoft Office through OneDrive for Business) will be updated periodically and can be found below the information for technical support: odl.utsa.edu/support/technical-support

Contacts for Support

UTSA Tech Cafe

Technology support and solutions center for students, faculty, and staff.
Available 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Visit the Tech Cafe


Check with your instructor for tutoring and teaching assistant availability the first week of class.

Find a Tutor

Student Support Gateway

Visit my.utsa.edu/gateway/student for accessibility, Blackboard, online learning and tech support.

Visit the Student Gateway