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Annual Reports

Eric Bachura Uses Data to Pursue Research that He Loves

Growing up in rural Kansas, Eric Bachura, Ph.D. ’20, assistant professor of information systems and cyber security in the Carlos Alvarez College of Business, fosters a pantologic spirit that has shaped him into the person he is today: a scholar and adventurist. Bachura’s interests range from machine learning to martial arts mastery. A jack of… Read more »

Ph.D. Student Receives Scholarship from the American Marketing Association

Erika Zuloaga Cosme, M.A. ’19, a marketing doctoral student in the Carlos Alvarez College of Business, was selected as a recipient of the Valuing Diversity Ph.D. scholarship from the American Marketing Association. The scholarship seeks to widen opportunities for underrepresented populations attending marketing doctoral programs. “I was attracted to this scholarship because of its purpose–to… Read more »

Finance Professor Uncovers Gender Pay Gap Across Cultures

It is no secret that a gender pay gap exists in industries across the globe. No matter where you go and what the role is, the likelihood that you would discover a woman earning less than a man in a similar position is inevitable. Natasha Burns, professor of finance at the Carlos Alvarez College of… Read more »

Business Faculty Member Receives NSF Grant to Defend Against Online Hate

Nishant Vishwamitra, assistant professor in the Department of Information Systems and Cyber Security at the Carlos Alvarez College of Business, was recently awarded a National Science Foundation Computer and Information Science and Engineering Research Initiation Initiative research grant totaling $175,000. Awarded to support promising new faculty in jumpstarting their academic research careers, Vishwamitra will be… Read more »

Alvarez Professor Explores Entrepreneurial Racial Disparities

With the goal of expanding the minds of business scholars by exploring the connections between entrepreneurship, structural disadvantage, social class, gender and agency, Alexander Lewis, ’20, assistant professor of management in the Carlos Alvarez College of Business at UTSA, is determined to use his research to make a positive impact on society. His most recent… Read more »

Graduate Students Find Security Vulnerabilities in Life360 App

Is anything ever safe and secure in today’s digital age?  Probably not, but a group of graduate students in the Carlos Alvarez College of Business at UTSA were surprised to discover security vulnerabilities in a location sharing mobile application designed to promote family safety. As part of a semester-long research study, M.S. Information Technology student… Read more »

Business Researchers Study How Workplace Impacts Sleep

How you choose to vocally express yourself at work—either positively or negatively—can affect your sleep. A new research study by Zahra Heydarifard, Ph.D. ’22, a UTSA alumna and assistant professor of management at Bryant University, and Dina V. Krasikova, associate professor of management at the Carlos Alvarez College of Business at UTSA, are connecting the… Read more »

Researcher Explores Correlation Between Natural Disasters and Entrepreneurship

Do natural disasters impact the creation of new business ventures? According to research by Arkangel Cordero, assistant professor of management at the Carlos Alvarez College of Business at UTSA, the correlation of the two is uncanny. Cordero’s paper, “Community and Aftershock: New Venture Founding in the Wake of Deadly Natural Disasters,” was recently published in… Read more »

Management Professor Offers Insights on Leadership

Jonathan Clark is a professor and the interim chair of the Carlos Alvarez College of Business Department of Management at UTSA. He studies leadership and strategic management, striving to understand how leaders and organizations create the conditions in which individuals, groups and organizations do their best collective work. To date, his work has addressed issues… Read more »

Carlos Alvarez College of Business Names Four Faculty Fellows 2022-2023

The college has appointed four faculty to serve as fellows for the 2022-2023 academic year. The Faculty Fellows program was created to provide faculty members with leadership opportunities and to help develop the next generation of college leaders. With an emphasis on mentorship, shadowing and one-on-one training, the fellowship is personalized to meet the needs… Read more »

Cyber Professor Awarded $1.5 Million in Grants

Continuing his work on Internet of Things (IoT) and critical infrastructure security, Elias Bou-Harb, associate professor of cyber security in the Carlos Alvarez College of Business at UTSA, has been awarded $1.5 million from the National Science Foundation for two grants focused on  related research, development, operations and training. These grants include collaborations with researchers… Read more »

Faculty Member H. R. Rao Named a Fulbright Scholar

H. R. Rao, the AT&T Distinguished Chair in Infrastructure Assurance and Security in the Carlos Alvarez College of Business at UTSA, was named a recipient of the Fulbright U.S. Scholar award. He is spending this summer at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore in Bangalore, India, one of the top three management schools in the… Read more »