Building your global fluency is not limited by travel, participate in events to develop your global perspective and business skills.

Washington Navarro, from The Entrepreneurial World presents at Aca Entre Nos for Hispanic Heritage Month

The college and university offer many ways to participate in enriching global experiences right from campus. Participate in events and use the resources below to build your global fluency.

  • Study Abroad Day – Attend a celebration on the last Monday of February to learn how you can expand your global mindset on and off campus.
  • International Education Week – Participate in events and activities to explore the world of international business during the third week of November.
  • International Business Competency – Choose to take academic courses under the International Business Competency to give you a better perspective of global business.
  • UTSA Modern Languages – expand your business skills and take language courses such as Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, German, etc.
  • Global Connections Program – sign up to be paired with an international student and help them practice English and build connections within the UTSA community