I have completed all the business Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) courses. Am I still eligible to apply?

No.  The Business Honors has an academic requirement that B.B.A. students must be able to complete at least three honors sections that we offer from the Common Body of Knowledge and B.A. and B.S. must complete three honors sections. Examples of Business Honors courses offered include: ECO 2013; FIN 3013 GBA 2013; ACC 2013 and GBA 2013.  The Business Honors sections are only offered once a year. Contact Business Honors for current courses.

What if I’m already registered for courses but need to add a Business Honors course(s)?

Once you are admitted, our BHP staff will help you register for the Business Honors course(s).  Students must still meet all registration deadlines.

I am pursuing a business minor. Am I still eligible for the BHP?

No, only students pursuing a business major in the Carlos Alvarez College of Business may apply.

How do I apply to the Business Honors Program and how will I know if I have been admitted?

The application and deadline are posted on the BHP website.

Once students apply and applications are reviewed, students will be notified of decision via email.

Can I be in the Honors College and the Business Honors Program at the same time?

Absolutely. However, students must be able to meet the course requirements.  If students are eligible, their status is officially activated as a member once the student apply and attend the mandatory BHP Welcome Orientation.

What are the benefits of being in the Business Honors Program?

Business Honors students receive an array of benefits! Students enroll in smaller size Business Honors courses taught by some of the best business faculty. Students have access to early course registration. The BHP offers unique business-focused experiences. For example, company site excursions that entail meeting leaders, touring the company and engaging in case-study opportunities. Other activities include Lunch and Learn events with business alumni and community service opportunities. Lastly, students graduate with a distinguished Business Honors designation.

Can I attend events that are not offered by the Business Honors Program and will they count toward the required two BHP events?

The expectation is that you attend events offered by the BHP.  There are numerous events to choose from, ranging from professional development events to team-building activities.

What happens if I do not meet the requirements (GPA or events attended) at the end of the semester?

We have outlined policies if requirements are not met. Details are documented and posted on the BHP Blackboard.

How can I track my requirement status (i.e. how many more events do I need to attend?)

BHP staff track each event offered to students and record attendance on the BHP Blackboard. Students can track their status on the BHP Blackboard site. In addition, the BHP Blackboard has numerous resources, videos and articles for students.

Is there a fee to be a part of the Business Honors Program?

ZERO! The College of Business is proud to invest in our students!

Will it take longer to complete the Business Honors Program than other programs?

Students have to apply to BHP early in their degree plan so that they can complete the requirements. If you plan ahead, you do not take any extra courses.

If I have below a 3.25 UTSA and Carlos Alvarez College of Business GPA, can I still apply and be considered for the Business Honors Program?

Students who do not meet the GPA requirements are encouraged to apply for the program in future semesters.

Who can I can contact for further information?

Contact us at businesshonors@utsa.edu  or call 210-458-2200.