Academic Credit Internships Email Template

If you are approaching a faculty member to supervise your internship course, please use the email template provided below customized with your personal information.

Dear Professor (Insert Name),

My name is (Full Name), and I am a (junior accounting major). I have secured an internship at (company) in the (name of department) for Term 202X. I would like to receive academic credit that relates to this experience. I have read the academic credit internship policy and requirements. I also meet all course prerequisites. I am reaching out to you to ask if you would be willing to be/serve as my faculty supervisor (sponsor) for the internship course. The role of the faculty supervisor is to provide students with opportunities to apply concepts, principles, and techniques learned in the classroom. You will be faculty of record for the course.

If you accept the role, you will receive an email with my DocuSign internship application. You will be asked to give a brief description of the course outline, expectations, and assignments for the class. Once you have completed your section of the form in DocuSign, it will be routed to the Department Chair and then the Assistant Dean for approval. Once approved, you should receive a copy of the academic credit internship document.

Closing Salutation