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Ram Tripathi Elected a Fellow of the American Statistical Association

Ram Tripathi, professor of statistics in the UTSA College of Business, was named a fellow of the American Statistical Association.

“The 48 individuals honored nationally as 2012 fellows represent an extraordinary set of accomplishments within the field of statistics,” said Robert N. Rodriguez, president of the American Statistical Association. “Their selection as fellows signifies that they and their work have earned the admiration of their peers, and I congratulate them on behalf of our association.”

Tripathi’s research spans the divide between the academic world and the world of applied statistics. His published work includes 50 journal articles and many highly-cited works. Tripathi was selected for his fundamental research contributions in discrete distributions; novel applications and development of statistics in assessing the health effects of dioxin on Vietnam-era veterans; and for his outstanding service to the profession.

“Over a span of 37 years his leadership has been instrumental in developing a strong applied, interdisciplinary statistics program at UTSA,” said Jerry Keating, professor of statistics and former department chairman. “He has earned a reputation among his colleagues for his integrity, commitment to the statistics programs and his attention to detail.”

His most highly-cited work stems from his involvement with the United State Air Force’s ranch hand project–a major epidemiological study of the adverse health effects of dioxin, a contaminant in the herbicide, Agent Orange. His research has been published in such prestigious journals as: EnvironmetricsStatistics in MedicineToxicology and Environmental Health and the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Tripathi joined the UTSA faculty in 1975 as its first statistician. He is the associate editor of Communication in Statisticsand served as president of the San Antonio chapter of the American Statistical Association in 2000-2001 and 2009-2010. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin.

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