Undergraduate Coursework

Undergraduate Program

Are you passionate about research and making a mark in the world? This program is designed for motivated, high-achieving undergraduate students. Designed primarily for business majors or individuals interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in business or economics, this program is also open to all majors. This program will be comprised of UTSA’s dynamic and diverse student body.


Undergraduate Curriculum

Course Title Credit Hours
GBA 3013 Introduction to Academic Research 3
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GBA 4023 Conducting Cutting Edge and Innovative Research and Discovery 3
GBA 4033 Communication and Visualization of Impactful Research 3
GBA 4993 Honors Thesis 6

Course Descriptions:

GBA 3013. Introduction to Academic Research. 3 Credit Hours.
Prerequisites: Consent of the instructor. This course will introduce students to the nature and scope of research conducted in a variety of business disciplines. Students will participate in broad review of business research literature. This course will also explore the nature of doctoral programs and careers in academe. Finally, this courses will describe methods and approaches that students can take to prepare for admission into graduate programs of interest.

GBA 4023. Conducting Cutting Edge and Innovative Research and Discovery. 3 Credit Hours.
Prerequisites: GBA 3013, MS 3043 and consent of instructor. This course is the first in a two-part sequence providing students with practical knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience needed to conduct pragmatic and professional research in an application area of interest. Students will meet with their peers, if any, and the instructor for the purpose of facilitating the research work. During this course, students will engage in the following steps of the research and knowledge discovery process: problem definition, question formulation, hypothesis development, methodological selection, preliminary analytics, analytical design, data acquisition, data preparation and pre-processing, visualization, and data analysis.

GBA 4033. Communication and Visualization of Impactful Research. 3 Credit Hours.
Prerequisite: GBA 4023 and consent of instructor. This course is the second in a two-part sequence aiming to give students hands-on research experience in a pragmatic and professional manner. Students will continue and finish their major data analytics project, focusing on post hoc or auxiliary analysis and presentation of results portion of the process. The next steps will be detailed data analysis and feedback, conclusion drawing, report preparation and refinement, presentation preparation and final presentation. The course will culminate in a formal, completed report to the supporting organization, as well as to peers and professionals in the field. Students and mentoring faculty may consider submission to professional conference and/or additional publication or presentation venues to further enhance the research experience.