Graduate Coursework

Graduate Program

Are you passionate about research and making a mark in the world? This program is designed for motivated, high-achieving graduate students. Designed primarily for business majors or individuals interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in business or economics,  this program is also open to all majors. This program will be comprised of UTSA’s dynamic and diverse student body. Non-UTSA students can apply to participate in this program as a special non-degree seeking graduate student.

The skill sets obtained in the Pre-Ph.D. program will increase one’s research/data analytics mindset. These skills are in high demand in industry.

Master’s Curriculum

Course Title Credit Hours
GBA 6013 Graduate Academic Research and Programming 3
GBA 6023 Research Conceptualization, Development and Practice 3
GBA 6033 Research Implementation, Reporting and Engagement 3

Course Descriptions:

GBA 6013. Graduate Academic Research and Programming. 3 Credit Hours.
Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. The course provides an introduction to research in business administration for graduate students who are interested in entering the doctoral programs but do not have prior academic experience in this area. It also explores the nature of doctoral programs and careers in academe. The curriculum examines the nature and scope of research conducted in a variety of business disciplines and involves a broad systematic review of business research literature. Finally, this course presents the foundational work and an array of methods and approaches that students can take to prepare for research projects of interest. Curricula also include development of meaningful research topics.

GBA 6023. Research Conceptualization, Development and Practice. 3 Credit Hours.
Prerequisites: GBA 6013 and (MS 3043 or MBA 5413 or equivalent), and consent of instructor. This course is the first in a two-part sequence and provides an overview of common research methodologies and their applications in context to the student’s degree program. Foundational concepts include examination and application of theoretical frameworks, critical analysis of scholarly literature and collection / processing of data through a theoretical lens. Students also explore quantitative, qualitative and mixed research methods and the analytical elements of an effective research scheme.

GBA 6033. Research Implementation, Reporting and Engagement. 3 Credit Hours.
Prerequisite: GBA 6023 and consent of instructor. This course is the second in a two-part sequence and intends to give students hands-on research experience in a pragmatic and professional manner. This course continues with the array of quantitative research skills introduced in GBA 6023 and trains students to apply appropriate research paradigm and conduct scientific business analysis. The analysis of data, data visualization and communication of outcomes are emphasized. Topics related to strategic fit and selection of research outlets are incorporated.