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Panelists Discuss the Prospects for Professional Women

In recognition of Women’s History Month, the College of Business hosted a panel March 30 titled “Glass Ceiling or Broken Barriers?: Prospects for Professional Women at the Start of the 21 st Century. Panelists were Ann Bohl Deacon, founder and CEO of Deacon Recruiting; Dr. Denise Dimon, director of the Ahlers Center for International Business at the University of San Diego; and Dr. Lynda de la Viña, dean of the UTSA College of Business. The panel was moderated by Dr. Victoria Jones, director of the Business Studies for the Americas program in the College of Business.

Dimon opened the discussion by presenting statistics on women’s career status in the United States and internationally. She cited that research shows that perceived differences in men and women emerge in relation to leadership styles, competitiveness and communication skills. As the world of business becomes more globally focused, this will allow even greater opportunities for women in business, said Dimon.

De la Viña shared with the audience of over 200 students her strategies for success. Her career path has been shaped by developing a vision for success, a philosophy of balancing risk versus equity in life, understanding one’s personal realities and formalizing a strategy to move forward. The women of the 60’s and 70’s have set the stage for where we are today, said de la Viña. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished and remain steadfast in following your dreams. Bohl Deacon knew that she wanted to be an entrepreneur by the age of 10. Entrepreneurship is a profession. The opportunities available to women are tremendous, said Deacon. Just this year seven percent of female entrepreneurs have million dollar companies. Bohl Deacon encouraged students to define their goals, develop a strategic plan and find the drive to make it a reality.

Women’s History Month events were coordinated by the UTSA Women’s Studies Institute.

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