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Annual Report

Annual Reports

MBA International Program Graduates First Class

The first 10 students in the college’s inaugural MBA International program completed their degrees this spring.

“It has been an exciting and challenging year,” said Dr. Chino Rao, director of the program. “Students were motivated and focused on the successful completion of this program.”

The MBA International degree program is a lockstep program that is completed in 12 months. The program offers small classes, a globally diverse group of students and studies all international aspects of business.

In addition to the academic coursework the students participated in international seminars, an international lecture series and completed an international capstone experience. Students were also required to have a working knowledge of a language other than English before starting the program.

“This was a great opportunity to come in and be part of a program and contribute to its success,” said Carlos Sanchez, an MBA International graduate who was born in Costa Rica and completed his undergraduate degree in economics at UT-Austin. “Our class was incredibly diverse and the cohort experience was extremely positive.”