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We offer a wide range of full-time and part-time master’s degrees for working professionals. To help you find the right graduate program, use Holland’s Occupational Themes and select the two career interests that describe you best.

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source: https://www.mentr.ai/holland-codes

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Holland’s Career Interest Codes

  • Realistic (Doers): You like to work with things you can touch and see and generally avoid social activities like teaching, healing, and informing others.
  • Investigative (Thinkers): You like to study and solve math or science problems and generally avoid leading, selling, or persuading people.
  • Artistic (Creators): You like creative activities like art, drama, crafts, dance, music, or creative writing and generally avoid highly ordered or repetitive activities.
  • Social (Helpers): You like to do things that help people such as teaching, nursing, or giving first aid, providing information and generally avoid machines or tools to achieve a goal.
  • Enterprising (Persuaders): You like to lead and persuade people, and to sell things and ideas. You generally avoid activities that require careful observation and scientific, analytical thinking.
  • Conventional (Organizers): You like to work with numbers, records, or machines in a set, orderly way and generally avoids ambiguous, unstructured activities.

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