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Management Faculty Member Publishes Textbook on Performance Management

Performance Management textbookDr. Robert Cardy, professor of management and chair of the Department of Management, has recently released a new edition of his textbook Performance Management: Concepts, Skills and Exercises.

Designed as a text for courses on performance appraisal or performance management, the book looks at various approaches for defining and measuring performance, diagnosing performance problems, giving feedback and improving performance. It balances concepts with practical skill-based exercises. All of the exercises offer realistic illustrations of issues that a manager will likely encounter.

“Performance management has to do with effectively managing the performance of people in your organization,” said Cardy. “Put simply, work mainly gets done through people. Even in technologically advanced organizational environments, how well jobs are performed and whether customers leave satisfied depends on the people.”

Cardy’s research has focused on human resource management, particularly in the areas of performance appraisal and the effective management of people. He has consulted with a variety of organizations, particularly in the areas of performance appraisal and competency model development and implementation.

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